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We work with a wide range of companies within renewable energy, and are now offering all Energy Valley members a free 1 hour workshop to look at growth potential and positioning.

Our clients include well-known names such as Fornybar Norge, Hafslund and Røde Kors, leading companies in the private sector such as Scatec and Ferd, as well as companies in the public sector. We solve complex business challenges through design, branding and marketing. Diversity in people, ideas and solutions means that we create results with a strategic approach across all surfaces and channels

We have developed a customized design sprint specifically aimed at early stage start-ups, and methods, for positioning, communication and branding strategies. Whether it concerns scaling or raising capital.

For the more established companies, we have extensive experience with national and international clients within renewable energy, technology, finance and industry, and our team has extensive experience in solving major challenges in a global context. Read more about our services here.

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startups with?

Our agency tackles all aspects of building a company, investing in startups or scaling businesses. We work closely with several startups and investor communities, such as Ferd, AGB Sundal Collier, Katapult, Start-up Lab and North Venture.

Your brand should help you achieve the position you are aiming for and support your long-term goals. Precise communication with your target audience is essential when launching a new product or company. Visibility and presence are key factors in staying on top. Our solutions are tailored to meet your business and communication needs.

Start-up packages

Book a free 1 hour workshop with us,  and together we can look at which solutions might suit you. We offer specially designed packages within branding, web and graphic design for startups and other companies in the establishment phases.

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Stem Agency has delivered a number of solutions to a wide range of companies such as Ferd, Katapult, ABG Sundal Collier, Hafslund, Scatec, Blystad Group, Fornybar Norge, Røde Kors and Embriq. For many clients, we are a full service supplier through framework agreements with deliveries such as positioning, brand and communication strategy, campaigns, graphic design, 3D and animation, fairs and events, annual and sustainability reporting, digital learning tools and more.

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  • Identity and positioning
  • Marketing strategy and communication
  • Online solutions and digital presence
  • Campaigns and trade fairs
  • Digital marketing and generation of potential leads

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