Fornybar Norge

Fornybar Norge
Brand identity, Digital

In January of 2023 Energi Norge and Norwea merged to become Fornybar Norge. Fornybar Norge is a nationwide interest and employer organization for the renewable energy industry. As Norway aims to take on a leading global role as the first renewable and fully electrified society in the world, Fornybar Norge shares this goal and mission.

With the merger of Energi Norge and Norwea, a new visual identity was required. Stem Agency tackled this mission together with Fornybar Norge to create a distinctive and contemporary look, to represent Fornybar Norge with a bright outlook on the future and shift towards renewable energy. The result was a dynamic, engaging and energetic visual identity that can accompany Fornybar Norge into a bright, renewable future. Fornybar Norge is optimistic for a cleanly fueled future.

Working towards a brighter tomorrow

Fornybar Norge is a national professional body and employer organisation that represents companies producing, transporting and supplying renewable energy in Norway. Fornybar Norge’s approximately 360 members represent almost all power production in Norway and supply approximately 90 percent of Norway’s power and grid customers every day. Together with its members Fornybar Norge is working towards a brighter tomorrow!

The renewable energy industry

The renewable energy industry turns over about NOK 70-75 billion a year and employs more than 20,000 people on a full-time basis in Norway.

The new visual identity contributes to consolidating the position and visibility of Norway’s most important onshore industry. The design is dynamic, engaging and energetic and showcases the fact that Fornybar Norge is a future-orientated organisation preparing for the fundamental green change in society. The new identity has great potential for future development and provides an excellent framework for Fornybar Norge’s communication requirements. The logo is multifaceted and represents energy flowing, the sun rising for a brighter tomorrow, flowers blooming, the blades of windmills and many more facets of renewable energy. This illustrates that Fornybar Norge works with clean energy while looking brightly to the future.

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