We have collaborated strategically with Hafslund in recent years on how they can utilize the annual report as an important communication channel towards their various stakeholders. For the 2022 report, it was seen as strategically important to utilize this channel to support their strategic focus areas. The digital annual report is not only a channel for reporting financial results, sustainability, and future strategic goals, but also a tool for building the brand and showcasing themselves as an attractive and innovative workplace.

In addition to external communication, the annual report also fosters pride among employees by highlighting successes and lessons learned from the past year. The digital format provides many new opportunities to tell engaging stories that reach a broader and younger audience.

The need for renewable energy and smart energy solutions has never been greater

As a solid and significant contributor to realizing a renewable and fully electric future, the group’s vision, core values, and strategic goals are designed to position Hafslund not only to achieve its commercial objectives but also to position itself as an attractive, responsible, and innovative workplace.

The company’s strategy is based on five strategic focus areas with challenges they must solve and milestones they must achieve by 2035. Hafslund will become climate and nature positive, contribute to strong renewable growth, balance the energy system of the future, help create greener and smarter cities, and have the best minds.

Hafslund is currently an energy and infrastructure group consisting of three companies: Hafslund Eco Vannkraft, Hafslund Vekst, and Hafslund Oslo Celsio. Together, they work for a world in balance, with renewable energy. In addition, they utilize the resources and knowledge they have gathered over more than a hundred years to make the next hundred years an electric innovation celebration.