We are a full service agency for all things design, branding and marketing.

Read more about our services below and have a look at some of our work here.

Strategy and consultancy

A foundation to build on

We create results with a strategic approach across all channels. At Stem Agency, strategy is an integral part of most projects as well as standalone deliveries.

Leveraging on years of experience developing sound strategies for our clients and their brands, we can help you reach out to new customers or employees, branch out or transform.

Identity and positioning

What impression do you want to leave?

A strong brand identity evokes feelings, inside an organization as well as externally. It gives credibility and clarity, helps position a brand and differentiate it.

Throughout the years we have developed numerous identities and brands for industry leaders in different fields. We cover the whole process from naming, positioning and brand strategy to developing the visual identity, messaging and implementations.

Web and digital solutions

Creating value with user friendliness

Web and digital channels are essential for communication and branding. Our proven methods and process ensures a functional and user friendly solution, whether the aim is storytelling or creating a service.

We design and develop custom digital solutions such as web sites, campaigns, portals, reports, apps, intranets and more.

Our award winning team ensures the entire process from strategy, UX and design to user testing, universal design, development, content creation and hosting runs smoothly.

Direct marketing

Recruitment, growth and value creation

Stem Agency is the leading Nordic player when it comes to audience engagement. Through profitable campaigns we generate hundreds of millions (NOK), recruit thousands of new members and several hundred thousands new subscribers on behalf of our clients.

Our advanced testing, targeted communication and honed techniques ensure success across digital and analogue channels.

E-learning and onboarding

Digitization and streamlining

Utilizing digital tools and opportunities has several advantages. Using interactive elements and digital solutions can make learning experiences more accessible and engaging. Digital onboarding tools can streamline the recruitment process and ensure your new coworkers get the start they deserve.