«Stem» is, in typography, the basic stroke of a letter.

Behind the strategies we build, the expressions and solutions we create, and the stories we tell on behalf of our customers, there is a craft. We wanted our name to say something about the work behind the results.


The markets are changing faster, and our customers’ reality is becoming increasingly complex. Aiming to reflect this constant and continuous change, we developed a dynamic logotype to represent our identity.


Diversity in people, ideas and solutions

We create results with a strategic approach across all surfaces and channels, together with our customers and our customer’s customers. Read more about our services here.

Our team is internationally composed and consists of specialists with different and unique experiences and backgrounds. In addition, we encompass a large range in age and gender. This means that we can attack issues and challenges from many angles, which we consider a great strength in today’s market.

Communication. Innovation. We solve complex business challenges through design, branding and marketing.

Stem Agency

In addition to working with our customers, we are also keen to contribute to society in other ways. We have achieved this by lecturing at and collaborating with Westerdals, Høyskolen Kristiania, BI and Emergence School of Leadership, establishing internship programs and participating in jury work for Young Entrepreneurship. In addition, we helped establish the She Conference and support Dråpen i Havet.

We have over 30 years of experience and history, and our advisors, designers and developers are located in Norway and Sweden. We assist a wide range of Norwegian, Nordic and international customers within both the corporate and consumer segments, as well as the organizational market and the public sector.

Design Container and Artisti Dialog merged in January 2023 and became Stem Agency. We are part of the Artisti group, which consists of various companies within marketing. The group had a turnover of approx. NOK 330 million in 2021 and has 140 employees.


Our awards are the result of many wonderful people, here are a few selected:

Ruter Silver Farmand Awards 2021 Best Digital Annual Report
Pension insurance for seamen Bronze Farmand Awards 2021 Best digital report
Space Norway Nominated Farmand Awards 2021 Best idea & design
Pensjonstrygden for sjømenn Nominated Farmand Awards 2021 Public sector
Ruter Gold Farmand Awards 2020 Best Digital Annual Report
Pensjonstrygden for sjømenn Silver Farmand Awards 2020 Best Digital Annual Report
Scatec Solar Silver Farmand Awards 2019 Best Website Listed Company
Ruter Bronze Farmand Awards 2019 Best Digital Report
Pension insurance for seamen Nominated Farmand Awards 2019 Best Digital Report
Marine Harvest Bronze Farmand Awards 2018 Best Listed Company
Ruter Nominated Farmand Awards 2018 Best Digital Annual Report
Bridge Technologies Gold European Design Awards 2018 Interactive Illustration
Marine Harvest Gold Farmand Awards 2017 Best Listed Company
Oslo Brand Box Bronze European Design Awards 2017 Information Site
Environmental Agency Gold German Design Awards 2017 Signage and wayfinding
Kristiansund Municipality Gold Farmand Awards 2016 Best municipality and county municipality
Environmental Agency Diploma Visuelt 2015 Teaching, facts and information illustration
Kristiansund Municipality Silver Farmand Awards 2015 Best municipality and county municipality
Environmental Agency Bronze European Design Awards 2015 Corportate Illustration
Akershus County Municipality Gold Farmand Awards 2014 Best municipality and county municipality
Ferd Silver Farmand Awards 2014 Best Unlisted Company
Marine Harvest Bronze Farmand Awards 2014 Best Listed Company
Deichmanske Bibliotek Gold Visuelt 2009 Visuelt 2009:
Marine Harvest Bronze Farmand Awards 2016 Best Listed Company
Marine Harvest Silver Farmand Awards 2015 Best Listed Company
Norske skog Silver Farmand Awards 2013 Best Listed Company