Sallaum Lines

Sallaum Lines logo on Port Authority building, Port of Antwerp-Bruges

Having a strong track record within the maritime industry and B2B segment, we were approached to work with Sallaum Lines on their rebranding. For over a year, we have worked strategically on Sallaum Lines positioning, and systematically reinventing the visual identity and branding, as well as developing a new communication concept, messaging and new corporate website.

With over 3 million vehicles shipped and 500+ employees, Sallaum Lines is one of the world’s largest vehicle carriers. Taking pride in being the preferred RoRo partner, striving to be the sustainable choice in ocean transportation, their aim is to create value, opportunities and actual change. Being bold and forward thinking in an oftentimes traditional industry, we refer to them as Wavemakers.

Sallaum Lines has set ambitious goals for the future, both in terms of growth objectives such as doubling its fleet by 2027 as well as targeting a 40% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030. The company ultimately strives to be fully powered by renewable sources by 2045.

Representing Change

Workshops with the company’s top management, interviews with employees, clients as well as suppliers around the world and analyzing the current market gave us the foundation needed to initiate the creative process.

With a brand platform and positioning statement in place, we began visualizing the company’s operations, essence, and ambitions.

Beyond the obvious “S”, the logo shape represents movement, directions and aim. The middle of the logo can be interpreted as an horizon line, with the shape of a vessel above and below the ocean surface. The logo is also animated for use on digital surfaces.

To utilize the new branding, we have also delivered ads, templates, marketing material and stationary to ensure a uniform look throughout the company. One of the bigger deliveries was Sallaum Lines’ booth at the BreakBulk Europe exhibition, which is the world’s largest project cargo and breakbulk events welcoming around 10 000 visitors. While obviously a showcase for the new strategic direction and branding, the booth was meticulously designed to attract and retain visitors and constructed with reusability and sustainability in mind.

Sallaum Lines booth at BreakBulk Europe
Sallaum Lines Web Mobile


In order to convey Sallaum Lines’ services on land and at sea, strong team and commitment to both clients and community, we developed the “Wavemakers” communication concept. Short, but rich, “Wavemakers” is applicable in both external and internal communication to a multitude of audiences from clients to potential new colleagues.

Furthermore, “The Wavemakers Initiative” encompasses all of the company’s values and CSR actions.

We also developed a vast set of 3D models and animations to expand the visual universe and emphasize the messaging.

Stem Agency Sallaum Lines Web Mobile

Global Web

The new corporate website is business crucial and serves as the company’s information hub. Visitors range from end users looking to book or track their shipment, industry professionals seeking schedules and news, to media representatives and partners enquiring corporate information.

Sallaum Lines required a user-friendly website with an exceptional user experience. The responsive website features a modern design with bold brand colors and intuitive navigation that will further strengthen the brand recognizability and company service level. The website’s navigation is centered around the company’s operations, CTAs and structured content flow that enables various audiences to easily find desired information.

The site also utilizes animations, video, typography and imagery to underline key messages and give a pleasant and exciting user experience. is custom built on WordPress, tailored to Sallaum Lines’ specific needs and requirements. Stem Agency has worked on structure, UX, web design, development and integrations in order to ensure a state of the art and functional solution.

Among other features is an advanced custom Route Finder tool to simplify the planning of your shipment in a visual way.

Sallaum Lines branding
Stem Agency Sallaum Lines branding
Stem Agency Sallaum Lines Stationary
Sallaum Lines launch event at Port of Antwerp-Bruges

Launch event

To mark and celebrate the new era of the company, Sallaum Lines challenged us to create an unforgettable event for their distinguished guests and stakeholders. In a matter of just 6 weeks, our team worked together with Sallaum Lines and event partner Obsession to orchestrate a launch event set on a luxurious ship in the familiar waters of the Port of Antwerp-Bruges.

The new logo and brand identity was revealed, the new company vision introduced and the ambitious roadmap for the years ahead was laid out by Sallaum Lines’ management. Guests were treated to various entertainment and the company’s founder was celebrated before the night culminated in an impressive end show, ultimately showcasing the new branding on the iconic Port Authority building.

Sallaum Lines Vessel