Analogue and digital donation solutions

Stem is responsible for the development and implementation of all LHL’s analogue donor campaigns – with good results over many years.

LHL is the leading organization and the most important community for people with heart, vascular and lung disease, allergies, stroke or aphasia, and their relatives. With close to 54,000 members, 250 local chapters, interest groups and networks, LHL has given people a better life for 80 years. Over several years, Stem has developed concepts for both regular and occasional donors, which have been very successful sources of income for LHL.

“Through collaboration, we have created  good concepts that we believe in and that provide profitable customer relations and donor campaigns. This has contributed to an increased and stable income, which benefits LHL’s work.

At Stem (formerly Artisti Dialog) I experienced very good and secure project management, skilled, and not least, pleasant employees who challenge and are innovative. Our input and needs were met in a friendly and professional manner, and I feel they have a genuine desire for us to achieve our goals and succeed in our work.

The deliveries are punctual and the quality is evident in every aspect. In addition, they are competitive on price, which is an important factor in our industry.

I am very satisfied with the collaboration Stem.”

– Helen Chanett Skjennum, collection manager LHL

In addition to LHL’s main sources of income, which are membership fees and fundraising campaigns, they also use several digital channels to supplement the analogue activities.

Together we have, among other things, developed a separate full-service program for the LHL lottery. This includes the entire value chain – from the development and operation of online solutions, the production of lottery tickets and graphic campaign materials to winnings. Distribution, customer service and reporting are done by our sister company Artisti Campaign.

The development of has been done in Magento 2, the world’s leading e-commerce platform. Magento 2 is a so-called “open source” solution, which allows for a large degree of adaptation to the needs of our customers.

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