Red Cross – Angrip! 2.0

Red Cross
Game-based learning program with AR

There are clear rules of legal and illegal actions when a war breaks out. These “rules of war” are called international humanitarian law and are governed by what is called the Geneva Conventions. Many young people, and adults, are not well enough aware of these rules existing and why they are as important as they are.

In order to teach young people about the rules of war we have developed the teaching tool “Angrip!”, together with the Red Cross. Angrip! is a game-based learning program that challenges pupils to make ethical and military strategic choices based on the international law of war. The material consists of:

– An AR app that provides knowledge through animations, simulations and tailored texts

– A student booklet that facilitates thorough group discussions

– A teacher’s guide with tips and background knowledge

The teaching aid is based on mixed learning tools, such as Augmented reality (AR), booklets and simulations, to increase the engagement of the pupils.

The first version of Angrip! has been available since 2020. The stock was quickly emptied and has been receiving good feedback from both pupils and teachers. Based on the feedback, we have recently launched a new and improved version.

Angrip! 2.0 can be ordered free of charge at