Ferd Eiendom

Ferd Eiendom
Strategy, identity and digital platform for a reliable and long-term urban developer

Ferd Eiendom’s new identity and website is one of several strategic tools to achieve their ambition to become a leading urban developer in Norway.

Ferd Eiendom is one of the business areas of Ferd, Norway’s largest family-owned investment company. This gives them a unique competence and experience in active ownership, long-term perspective, and transferable industry knowledge. Ferd Eiendom create value that is more than financial return, through their development of sustainable communities, workplaces and apartments. Community involvement and focus on long-term sustainable solutions is therefore key in creating sustainable communities for the future.

The identity has close ties to Ferd’s main brand, such as the font and graphic elements, but utilises it in a new refreshing way making it identifiable for Ferd Eiendom. In contrast to the main brand, their tone of voice conveys a more inclusive and warm feeling, more true to their work. Urban development is about materials and buildings, however, good neighborhoods consist of the people and communities that lives and work there.

Ferd Eiendom is bold in their ambition and strives to be at the forefront in their industry, thus their identity with the use of big typography and vibrant colors is a very important tool for positioning the company differently than their competitors.

With their new website, Ferd Eiendom has a platform for communicating their visions for urban developement, their projects, their competence, and how they work to achieve sustainable communities.

We have worked strategically with Ferd since 2012 – see some of our other projects; website for Ferd and Annual reports.