Diversity in people, ideas and solutions

Our team of professionals is international and consists of specialists with varying backgrounds, age and gender. This allows us to approach our state-of-the-art projects and ideas from many different angles, something we see as a great strength and a necessity with the rapid changes and complex challenges in the market.

Life in Stem Agency

Your team

You will be working with fun, social and fantastic colleagues with various personalities. We have an international, varied and very professional but relaxed working environment.


Our cafeteria The Kitchen Torggata serves fresh food, hot dishes and last but not least, an impressive salad bar. Located at Youngstorget, there is also plenty of options nearby.

After Work & social happenings

We love initiatives that include everyone. If you want to invite your colleagues for a Friday drink, a quiz or organise an Art Night, we have a budget set aside for that. Feel free to take the initiative and make it happen. We also. have monthly wine tastings by our wine enthusiast and project manager!

Flexible work hours

In Stem Agency, we want to encourage people to own their time, and we give you freedom, a high level of influence and flexibility to do so.

Annual company trips

We go travelling together once a year. We have been to Istanbul, Berlin, Barcelona, Liverpool, Copenhagen, Porto, Tallinn, etc. We go to fantastic restaurants and party all night and attend inspiring seminars or take the time to talk to each other.

At Christmas, we go skiing in Norway. Yes, most of us do not ski, but we hang out looking at the snow and doing other activities in the winter landscape.

Your new office space

We are excited to welcome our new employees to our new offices in the heart of Oslo; Youngstorget, Torggata 15! Youngskvartalet has the vision to be a collective of concepts under one roof, and we are excited to be a part of this collective. The different companies in Youngskvartalet are spread out across other floors, and everyone intersects in the common dining hall.


From the Norwegian Holiday Act: “Employees are entitled to four weeks and one day’s holiday per calendar year.” In Stem Agency, we add one more week so that all Stem Agency employees have five weeks’ holiday a year. We also throw in Christmas Eve (24 December) and New Year’s Eve (31 December).


When you join Stem Agency, you will be allocated a mentor who will first and foremost ensure that you feel welcome in your new workplace. Your mentor will help you on both a practical and personal level, but it is important that you yourself are proactive and ask questions if you are in doubt about anything. Make good use of your mentor, colleagues and your manager – this will help you get into your work quickly and feel at home in your new environment.