New impulses with a popup office in Barcelona

As a strategic agency in design, technology, and marketing, it’s important for us to constantly explore new creative environments and expand our horizons. Many of our clients have an international scope, and they require expertise and understanding of both local and global markets and trends. In addition to our headquarters in Oslo, we also have an office in Malmö, which gives us a strong presence throughout the Nordics. Therefore, it was an exciting opportunity when one of our designers suggested opening a popup office and working from Barcelona for a period.

Barcelona is a fantastic city that inspires with its colorful and unique design environment. The city has a delightful blend of old and new, and is quite different from the typical Scandinavian design landscape. It provides new perspectives and input that help us create even better and more innovative solutions in the future, says Creative Director Michael Linnemann & Designer Rebeca Bacolod.

Diversity in people, ideas, and solutions

Flexibility has become a natural part of work-life, and the pandemic has made it possible for us to work more hybrid and remote. Working from a different place – whether it’s at home or in another country, provides fresh new impulses that help challenge creative boundaries.

Our team is internationally composed and consists of specialists with different and unique experiences and backgrounds. In addition, we have a large span in age and gender, and the sum of a diverse team allows us to tackle problems and challenges in different ways, which we consider a major strength in today’s market.

At the same time, we are committed to preserving the unique dynamic that arises when working face-to-face, and the physical office is an important place for us to build a strong bond and a creative environment, says CEO Kaia Gulsvik.

So thank you, Barcelona, for providing us with new perspectives and inspiration. We look forward to using this as a springboard for even more creativity and innovation in our upcoming projects.

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