Ski NM

Ski NM Lygna
Logo and profile

Lygna hosted the Norwegian Championships (Ski NM) in cross-country skiing for the first time in 2017, and again in 2019 and 2022. This is a massive festival, where we get to experience some of the biggest cross-country ski stars in action.

We have had the honor of creating the visual profile that combines the values ​​of tradition, hard work, energy and breaking boundaries. The logo itself consists of two elements – a square where the event name is clearly displayed and a icon composed of lines forming the letters NM. The lines symbolize ski tracks, giving the impression of speed, energy and breaking boundaries. The colors are based on the Norwegian flag and create a nice contrast to the playful design.

Ski-NM is an institution, one of the most essential things we manage in Norwegian skiing. Sports and the spirit of volunteering are a part of the Norwegian people’s soul, it builds us up, take care of us and brings pride, which in turn creates growth. Volunteering is the mainstay of this type of event.

The visual profile of Ski NM Lygna Hadeland consistently shows that we should have more or less free rein with regard to the composition of the various elements, like logo, lines, colors and typography. The vision with such an approach is the conceptual idea where we value play and the dynamic composition of elements. This helps highlight energy in the visual expression.

The profile has such a distinctive expression that it is able to stand on its own, even without using the logo symbol itself.