VENDELA by Helena Cosmetics

Helena Cosmetics
Direct Marketing

Helena Cosmetics is one of Norway’s leading and most experienced companies in the direct sales of cosmetics. Helena Cosmetics is based in Sandefjord and sells in Norway and abroad. For several years, they have had great success with their newly developed cosmetics range, VENDELA.

In close collaboration with the well-known model Vendela Kirsebom, Helena Cosmetics has so far launched a number of beauty products in this exclusive range. For both parties, it has been a must that all products are ”cruelty-free” – not tested on animals. Vendela products today consist of several skin and hair care ranges, such as Vendela Silver, Vendela Instant Glow, Vendela Diamond and Vendela Hydration Line.

Vendela Kirsebom has been a key figure in the challenging product development. All products are paraben-free and based on high-quality natural raw ingredients.

Experience chooses experience

When Helena Cosmetics develops and rolls out sales-triggering activities for its products, the company takes no chances. A small error in communication can reduce the response dramatically. That is why Helena Cosmetics has chosen one of Norway’s most experienced agencies within sales-triggering one-to-one communication for consumer products and services. 

Stem Agency has been given the challenging and exciting assignment to market all VENDELA products in relevant direct channels. Out: Addressed and unaddressed DM. In: Addressed DM and other targeted DM distribution.

Every DM is carefully thought out, from the outer envelope to the letter, leaflets, reply element and reply envelope. Because the DM is the seller himself, it is absolutely essential that everything works optimally. 

In close collaboration with the management of Helena Cosmetics and with Vendela Kirsebom herself, we developed a series of DMs with an easily recognisable feminine and appealing design – to highlight Vendela’s beauty profile. Text in sales-triggering DMs is a specialist area. The DMs should stimulate curiosity, create a desire to buy and trigger sales immediately! Stem Agency has extensive experience and insight in this area.

The sales response from all direct marketing activities has been excellent, and Helena Cosmetics has had great success with its new, exclusive cosmetics range.