Launching Stem Agency

We are excited to announce the merger of Design Container and Artisti Dialog, forming Stem Agency!

Stem Agency solves complex business challenges through design, marketing and communication.

For those who want to branch out. Reach out. For growth and renewal.

In short, for you.

Building on over 30 years of history and experience, the merger will allow us to offer an even broader array of services to our nordic and international clients. With more room for specialization and collaboration across fields of expertise, we are determined to deliver our best results to date together with our ambitious clients. Planning for organic growth, we aim to continue attracting the best communication talents over time.

”Our clients are continuously faced with more complex challenges. We find that we can solve broader issues and offer more versatile services when joining forces. It gives us robustness and further strengthens our business areas. The merger has been in the works for a long time, now that it is finally completed we look forward to an eventful year filled with exciting client projects”, says Managing Partner Kaia Gulsvik.

We create results with a strategic approach across channels, in collaboration with our clients and theirs.
Commercial Director Bjørn Korterud adds:

”We have a deep insight into several industries and have worked with leaders within these fields for several years. That gives us and our clients an advantage and is something the two merging companies share. Whether we are talking about communication goals, recruitment, or economic targets, Stem Agency has the know-how to deliver results for our clients.”

Who we are

Diversity is our greatest strength and value. Diversity in people, ideas and solutions.
Our team of professionals is international and consists of specialists with varying backgrounds, ages and gender. This allows us to approach our state-of-the-art projects and ideas from many different angles, something we see as a great strength and a necessity with the rapid changes and complex challenges in the market.

Currently counting 30+, our advisors, designers and developers are located in Norway and Sweden. We serve a broad number of Nordic and international clients within corporate and consumer fields, as well as organizations and government clients.

The management team will consist of Gulsvik, Commercial Director Bjørn Korterud, Creative Director Michael Linnemann and former Managing Director in Artisti Dialog, Kjell-Petter Olsen. Olsen will continue in the role as Head of Direct Marketing.

The name

“Stem” derives from the world of typography, referring to the stroke of a letter. Behind the strategies we formulate, designs and solutions we develop and the stories we tell for our clients, there is a craft. We wanted our name to say something about the work you don’t see.

Markets are changing at a rapid pace, and our clients’ reality is ever more intricate. Aiming to reflect this constant change and transformations, we developed a dynamic logo to represent our identity.

What can we help you with?

Get in touch if you want to reach out to new customers or employees, branch out or transform. We are a full service agency for all things design, branding and marketing. Read more about our services here.