Ruter is a joint management company for public transport in the rapidly growing Oslo metropolitan area, in effect handling more than half of all public transport in Norway.

Ruter has put a lot of effort into the development of its annual reports, and we have completely digitised their reporting since 2018. Success in the prestigious Farmand Awards over the last years proves that this has paid off. Their digital annual report reaches a wider audience, and the digital medium offers enhanced tools for communicating the critical social role that Ruter plays as a future-orientated public transport company.

Annual reports are mainly used for reporting a company’s financial situation and development, but also offers an invaluable platform for celebrating all the successes achieved over the year and thanking customers, shareholders, and employees for their fantastic efforts.

“Our partnership with Stem and the cross-disciplinary contribution from all departments and technical areas have been decisive in our work on our digitised annual report”, says Eirik Andersen, communications manager at Ruter.

“We produced our first digitised annual report last year – we’re proud of the fact that we won gold on only our second attempt at this kind of report. We’ve worked methodically and purposefully on identifying the elements that lead to improvement and higher quality. We’re now sure that the digital platform works and that it’ll provide us with outstanding opportunities for showcasing the way in which Ruter contributes to sustainable mobility in our region going forward,” continues Andersen.

The challenge of annual reports is the sheer volume of information and a context that is perhaps not always that attractive to the general reader. Our job is to make the material more engaging and accessible to readers by using digital tools and interactivity. Annual reports are also time-critical, therefore planning for a more streamlined process for everyone involved is a key factor. Public transport in Oslo and Viken has undergone extraordinary developments in recent years and at Ruter, the customer is always in focus. The annual report has been a tool for building knowledge and understanding of these developments.