Strategy, Identity, and Web Solution

BioFeyn is a Boston-based, Norwegian-backed biotechnology company pioneering new forms of nutrient delivery to improve efficiencies in salmon farming and other sustainable nutrition markets.

BioFeyn’s goal is to produce the most sustainable and nutrient-packed farmed fish on the market.

By optimizing existing ingredients that are already proven to be safe and sustainable, we add value for farmers, feed suppliers, and the environment.

The new identity positions BioFeyn as a trailblazer in sustainable nutrition markets, attracting the attention of investors and industry partners. With Stem Agency’s strategic design, BioFeyn appears as a confident force, ready to lead the way towards a more sustainable and prosperous future.

At the core of the design is the combination of the ocean and technology, symbolizing BioFeyn’s commitment to sustainability and deep connection to marine resources. These organic hues provide a welcoming backdrop for BioFeyn’s journey towards a greener future.

The website and marketing materials create an engaging experience, guiding visitors through BioFeyn’s vision and mission. The innovative use of animations showcases the interplay between scientific principles and the ever-changing ocean.