Posistioning and strategic communication towards the European deep tech market

Positioning and communicating with a European B2B niche market poses a significant challenge for startups and scaleups alike. Our collaboration with sensiBel aimed to navigate this intricate landscape, establishing their foothold in the European deep tech market while enhancing their visibility and traction. Through strategic communication and branding efforts, we bolstered sensiBel’s presence, crafting a compelling narrative tailored to resonate within their target market.

Prior to their pivotal investor round, our team diligently worked to refine sensiBel’s messaging and visual identity, culminating in the development of a cohesive brand image and an optimized web platform. This holistic approach not only reinforced sensiBel’s positioning but also amplified their appeal to potential investors and stakeholders.

The fruits of our collaboration were evident in 2022 when sensiBel successfully secured a substantial investment round, garnering NOK 150 million from investors. This achievement underscored the effectiveness of our strategic interventions in elevating sensiBel’s profile and attracting the necessary resources to fuel their growth trajectory.

sensiBel, a Norwegian technology company, is at the forefront of developing the next generation of MEMS microphones. Departing from conventional principles established over a century ago, sensiBel pioneers optical technology to deliver studio-quality performance in a compact form factor. Their vision extends beyond mere innovation; it entails catalyzing profound shifts in the market landscape, ushering in novel and enhanced auditory experiences across diverse applications. At its core, sensiBel’s mission revolves around revolutionizing the fundamental link in the audio processing chain—the microphone.